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Can Maymo

The Can Maymo Winery is located in the north of Ibiza, in the town of Sant Mateu. This small family winery came to life in 1995, when Antonio Costa began his adventures in restoring and expanding the cellar. He fitted it out with the latest technologies for wine-making to create Can Maymo cellar. Our vineyards, with the native Monastrell and Malvasia grapes, have also undergone expansion and modernisation.

New vineyards, in the area of Santa Agnès, with the Moscatel varieties have been incorporated for the production of white wines, and also grape varieties Merlot, Tempranillo and Syrah for the production of red wines. The harvest begins in the middle of August and is all done manually in boxes of 18 kg.


Wine – red, white, rose


Opening hours

Saturday: 11am-2pm


Diseminado Cami des Turs, 32032,

07816 San Mateu

+34 971 805 100