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Ibiza Microgreens

Ibiza Microgreens is a small, family-owned farm. We believe in local food production and healthy eating while minimising food miles and maximising nutrition. At our farm we approach agriculture in an innovative way, by growing vertically. Vertical farming is a revolutionary and more sustainable method of agriculture than its counterpart as it lowers the requirement for water (up to 90 % less) and saves considerable space and soil.

Microgreens are young vegetables, harvested at their most nutritious phase. They are full of nutrition and have intense flavour profiles. They often contain higher vitamin, mineral and phytonutrients than the same quantity of its full-grown counterpart (up to 40 times higher!).  Microgreens are also rich in antioxidants and digestive enzymes.

They are intense in flavour and can be eaten raw, juiced/ blended or incorporated into a variety of cold and warm dishes.  

The microgreen is a super food and edible art that will satisfy all your senses. These little vegetables will boost colour, enhance flavour and add texture to any dish, while providing a nutritional punch.



a variety of locally grown microgreens and grow kits, using 100 % organic and NON-GMO seeds and organic growing methods


You can find microgreens and grow kits in selected stores, online supermarkets and farms on the island. If you want to make a larger order, subscription box or special events, contact us and we will make sure you receive your order.

Bioexpress; Fruiteria Tani Fruit;

Biorganic (Ibiza/Sta Eulalia/Jesus);

Super Can Guasch; Picadeli; Can Escandell;

La Choza;  Savia; Ibiza Passionfruit;

Can Pascual; Herbolario Semilla; Can Curune

Es Senallo (home delivery)


Online: Samos Deli


Woody Hackzell
Pol 13, parcela 83
07815 Sant Miquel de Balansat
+46 70 990 12 15 (whatsapp)
+34 871 153 897