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Sa Cova

The first harvest marketed by Joan Bonet, its creator, was in 1990 and since then it has been experimenting and creating new products. Bonet is a hotel professional who, years ago, had the opportunity to meet different wineries and ended up falling in love with the world of wine and its different forms of preparation. In this way, he decided to create an experimental winery to improve the traditional wine that was vinified in the family and what started as a mere pastime ended up becoming a business project with all the consequences. Over the years, neighboring lands were added to the family farm until the current 10 hectares of vineyards were added, which are divided into 1,5 tempranillo, 3 vineyards of 30 years of Monastrell, 3,5 of Syrah, 1 of Merlot, 1 of Malvasia and half of Muscat.

The Sa Cova farm produces between 20,000 and 25,000 liters of wine annually. The winery has the capacity to vinify up to 60,000 liters. Bonet started making wine with the classic grape of the island, the monastrell, which was aged in barrels for twelve months. Over the years, it was added to this grape other varieties, with the aim of further refining the sensations of their creations. Now, Sa Cova has numerous types of wine that can be found regularly in stores and restaurants throughout the island. Joan likes to highlight the important work that well-kept vines do in the landscape of the island, which in the summer drought appear green and break the monotony of a field punished by the hottest season .


Wine – red, white

Opening hours

Visits by appointment. Sale to the public in the cellar
Open all year
Monday to Friday: 10.30am-6pm
Saturday: 11am-2pm


Diseminado Aubarca, 4, Sant Antoni
+34 971 187 046